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EnlivenHealth™ Enhances Vaccine Scheduling and Reporting Solution to Help Pharmacies Efficiently Manage Upcoming Flu Season and Demand for COVID-19 Booster Shots

CareScheduler uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify patients with high need for vaccinations, automates joint booking of flu and COVID vaccinations with single electronic form

RALEIGH, NC, September 7, 2021 – EnlivenHealth™, a division of Omnicell, Inc. that builds industry-leading patient engagement technology solutions for retail pharmacies and health plans, today announced the launch of its newly enhanced CareScheduler solution to help pharmacies efficiently manage the expected surge in patient demand from the upcoming flu season and the newly approved COVID-19 booster shots.

CareScheduler now features powerful new capabilities that use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically recommend and recruit pharmacy patients who are in most need of receiving the flu vaccine. CareScheduler also allows patients to jointly book appointments for the flu and COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, using just a single electronic form for documentation. No action is needed on the part of the pharmacy staff.

EnlivenHealth’s CareScheduler is the proven digital technology solution that enables pharmacies to automate vaccine scheduling, electronic consent collection, registry reporting and patient outreach. Its new AI-driven enhancements significantly improve the vaccine experience for patients while saving time and effort for pharmacists so they can focus on providing personalized care to their patients.

“We expanded CareScheduler’s best-in-class capabilities to empower pharmacies and their staffs to continue to keep their patients healthy and happy, while strengthening their long-term business results,” said Danny Sanchez, vice president and general manager of EnlivenHealth™. “Pharmacists are among the most trusted healthcare professionals and their role is more important than ever as the flu season rapidly approaches, and the COVID-19 booster shot now has been approved.”

CareScheduler’s newly enhanced features include:

  • Flu vaccine patient recruitment – Recommends patients to target for the pharmacy’s flu campaign, leading to higher conversion ratios
  • Joint appointment scheduling for flu and COVID-19 vaccines – Allows patients to simultaneously book a single appointment for both vaccines with one transaction
  • Combined documentation for flu and COVID-19 vaccines – Electronically records necessary documentation and custom consent language with a single electronic form for both vaccines, for patients and pharmacy staff

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EnlivenHealth provides proven, advanced digital technology solutions for intelligent patient engagement and communications. Deployed through a national network of more than 30,000 retail pharmacies, the EnlivenHealth Patient Engagement Platform empowers pharmacies and health plans to significantly improve medication management, adherence, and safety for their patient and member populations. EnlivenHealth’s portfolio of solutions help retail pharmacies and health plans to support lifelong optimal health, while measurably improving quality scores, retention, and profitability. EnlivenHealth™ is a division of Omnicell, Inc. (Nasdaq: OMCL), a leading provider of medication management solutions and adherence tools for healthcare systems and pharmacies. To learn more, visit

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