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Digital Medication Information Delivery (DMID) — Digital Drug Monographs

Keeping patients safe with convenient digital access to drug information

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Give Patients Easy Access to Needed Drug Information While Saving on Printing Costs

EnlivenHealth® Digital Medication Information Delivery transforms the paper-based drug monograph into a digital patient experience, resulting in pharmacies significantly reducing their carbon footprint, increasing operational efficiency, and improving patient outcomes.


prescriptions forecasted to be dispensed by US-based pharmacies in 20231


years drug monographs have been required by the FDA for patient safety since 19722


million adverse reactions are experienced by medication users every year3

EnlivenHealth® Digital Medication Information Delivery (DMID) Solution

With EnlivenHealth’s Digital Medication Information Delivery, paper-based drug monographs and vaccine information sheets that are easily (and often) discarded have become things of the past. DMID lets you send digital versions of FDA-required drug monographs automatically to your patients via SMS text, mobile, or email at the point-of-sale. With digital drug monographs, your patients will have unlimited access to all the necessary information about their medication in a form that is easy to review and revisit.

Digital Medication Information Delivery can help you:

  • Ensure patients always have medication information readily available in a convenient format
  • Save on printing costs (paper, toner, etc.) while staying compliant with FDA regulations
  • Drive better patient outcomes while reducing follow-up questions to pharmacy staff once patients take their medications home

Adverse drug events cause approximately 1.3 million emergency department visits each year.4

Key Benefits

  • Improved Patient Outcomes — Digital access to FDA-required documentation allows patients to conveniently save and access information to make healthier decisions.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint — Significantly reducing toner cartridge, paper and labor expenses allows pharmacies to reduce their carbon footprint improving their sustainability efforts.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency — Digital delivery of FDA-required documentation at the point-of-sale improves operational efficiency of pharmacy staff.

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Go Paperless with Digital Drug Monographs for Your Patients

EnlivenHealth® Digital Medication Information Delivery improves patient outcomes and reduces costs by delivering drug information in a convenient, easily accessible digital format.

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