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Member Communications – Breakthrough Member Engagement Software

Empowering health plans to improve the member experience and strengthen plan performance.

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Measurably Improve Member Health Outcomes and Drive Quality Scores, Ratings and Plan Performance

With EnlivenHealth® Member Communications, a proven, omnichannel member engagement software, you can develop a truly personalized experience for your members. The result: measurably improved adherence, consistently better quality scores and health outcomes, and strengthened plan performance.


of Americans own a smartphone1


of consumers prefer to use digital channels to communicate with providers2


of consumers desire personalization that demonstrates a deeper understanding of the individual3

EnlivenHealth® Member Communications Solution

Our breakthrough member engagement software leverages deep clinical intelligence and pharmacy partner data to tailor communications to members’ personal needs and preferences. The omnichannel solution includes SMS texting, email and chatbots, delivering tailored, accurate and timely messaging that transforms communications into a compelling and convenient experience for your members.

EnlivenHealth® Member Communications harnesses the power of intelligent member engagement to meet a range of health plan clinical and business needs, encompassing:

  • Improved member satisfaction and retention
  • Enhanced medication adherence and outcomes
  • Improved quality scores and plan performance

Member Communications from EnlivenHealth® can help you:

  • Provide a personalized, omnichannel method for efficiently communicating with members and promoting positive behavior changes
  • Ensure medication adherence and consistently improve member health outcomes
  • Strategically target your member populations based on specific geographies, contracts and disease states
  • Enhance the member experience to strengthen satisfaction and retention

49% of members wish their digital healthcare experience was better and similar to consumer brands4

Key benefits include:

  • Better Member Communications – Provides a personalized, omnichannel process for efficiently communicating with your members and successfully driving improved medication adherence and better health outcomes.
  • Reach and Retain Members – Delivers effective campaigns that increase member satisfaction, retention and plan performance.
  • Seamless Engagement – Strengthens communications by engaging with each member in their preferred channel at the right time.

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Improved Health Outcomes and Pharmacy Performance Starts Here

EnlivenHealth® Member Communications, an omnichannel member engagement software, will help you improve member experience and retention, health outcomes and plan profitability and ratings.

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