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Medication Adherence

Empowering health plans to improve medication adherence and quality while reducing costs.

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Power Your Member Health Outcomes and Plan Performance by Optimizing Medication Adherence

Medication Adherence from EnlivenHealth® is an industry-leading, appointment-based member engagement and medication management solution. This proven medication synchronization software can help you achieve substantially improved member medication adherence and better health outcomes, while reducing PMPM costs.


of enrolled members achieve adherence1


reduction in hospitalizations and ER visits2


lower PMPM costs on average across four disease states3

EnlivenHealth® Medication Adherence

EnlivenHealth's Medication Adherence transforms the member experience by aligning member chronic medications to a single refill and pick-up date, strongly enhancing convenience and eliminating key barriers to adherence. Our appointment-based medication synchronization software promotes regular pharmacist touchpoints for longitudinal care and dialog about prescribed chronic medications across various disease states. Ongoing engagement helps ensure the member has all prescribed medications and stays on track with medication therapies.

EnlivenHealth® Medication Adherence can help you:

  • Achieve adherence in 70% of enrolled members
  • Reduce hospitalizations and ER visits by 9%
  • Lower PMPM costs by an average of $348 across four disease states

Members enrolled in an appointment-based medication synchronization program are 3 times more likely to remain adherent to their medications.

Key benefits include:

  • Clinical Decision Support - Ensures that health plans and their pharmacy partners accurately target populations with clinical interventions that measurably improve quality measures.
  • Better Health Outcomes – Improves medication adherence among members by synchronizing chronic condition medication pick-ups to a single, convenient date.
  • Transformed Member Experience – Enhances convenience and simplifies access to medication and educational support from pharmacists.


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Improved Member Adherence, Health Outcomes and Plan Performance Starts Here

EnlivenHealth®’s Medication Adherence solution will help you improve medication adherence, health outcomes and retention, while driving plan performance.

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