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MyDataMart – Pharmacy Data Analytics and Intelligence

Turn hindsight into insight with pharmacy data analytics and intelligence.

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Maximize Profitability and Improve Patient Care by Unlocking the Power of Your Pharmacy Data

MyDataMart by EnlivenHealth® is a pharmacy business intelligence solution that integrates with one or many pharmacy management systems (PMS) and locations that automatically collects, aggregates and analyzes pharmacy data. It transforms pharmacy analytics and data into ROI-based intelligence for actionable and profitable business decisions for retail pharmacies.


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additional annual revenue added by a single independent pharmacy


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MyDataMart by EnlivenHealth® is the Industry’s Best Pharmacy Intelligence Solution

MyDataMart is a proven, powerful pharmacy data analytics solution that empowers you to drive more revenue, improve patient care experience, better patient health outcomes, and measure pharmacy performance. It does all this and more through customizable, easy-to-use dashboards, transactional reports, and ad hoc discovery tools. Plus, EnlivenHealth's business solutions consultants are always on hand to help with reports and teach you how to get the most out of the system.

MyDataMart helps you:

  • Automate key reporting to drive accountability for patient calls, verify costs, and catch billing errors before they hit your bottom line
  • Report on key metrics to identify missing patients, drugs sold at a loss, questionable or open claims and more
  • Drive new revenue with customized daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Propel care improvements by identifying and prioritizing patients in need or at risk

Lakeland Pharmacy in Southwest Missouri increased profits by $6,600 per month on average using MyDataMart’s pharmacy data intelligence and suggested actions.

Key benefits include:

  • Drive Pharmacy Growth – Improve profit with automated opportunity queues, claim and adherence recommendations, and other ROI-focused intelligence which lead to pharmacy growth.
  • Leverage Multi Location/PMS Intelligence – Make smarter business decisions with pharmacy data management from multiple pharmacy locations and different PMS vendors.
  • Improve Star Ratings – Identify and prioritize optimal patients for medication synchronization programs that strengthen patient adherence while increasing refill counts.
  • More efficient time management with automated reporting, as well as guidance from our world-class solutions consultants to help you get the most value from your PMS data.

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Maximize Profitability and Improve Patient Care by Unlocking the Power of Your Pharmacy Data

MyDataMart is a pharmacy analytics software solution that drives financial, clinical, and operational growth for pharmacies.

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