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OutpatientPowered – Innovative Outpatient Pharmacy Software

Empowering outpatient pharmacies to improve efficiency and transform patient outcomes.

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Increase Outpatient Pharmacy Efficiencies and Improve Health Outcomes, While Reducing Overall Spend

OutpatientPowered From EnlivenHealth®, an outpatient pharmacy software, provides a powerful technology suite that enables outpatient pharmacies to transform patient health outcomes, streamline pharmacy workflows, reduce costs and decrease hospital readmissions.


of consumers prefer to use digital channels to communicate with providers1


average increase over current script volume2


of consumers desire personalization that demonstrates a deeper understanding of the individual3

OutpatientPowered From EnlivenHealth®

The OutpatientPowered suite combines EnlivenHealth’s advanced Outbound Communications , Personalized Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Medication Synchronization, Touchpoint Management, Mobile App, MedBill and Econcile to enable you to provide a truly personalized experience for your patients and employees and transform pharmacy business results. With Outbound Communications, Mobile App, Touchpoint Management, and Personalized IVR, you can tailor outpatient pharmacy messaging to patient preferences including inbound/outbound phone calls , SMS texting, and email. Medication Synchronization allows you to align patients’ chronic medications to one convenient, monthly pick-up date. And Econcile and MedBill offer automation to help you more effectively manage pharmacy financials, including third party receivables and payments for prescription claims as well as medical billing. As a result, the OutpatientPowered solutions suite frees up your pharmacists’ time to focus on better care for acute patients as they transition from the acute setting to home, and also for hospital staff.

EnlivenHealth’s OutpatientPowered can help you:

  • Streamline outpatient pharmacy workflows to reduce the amount of time your staff spends on repetitive tasks. This allows your pharmacists to practice at the top of their license and provide high value, personalized patient care, including Meds to Beds.
  • Address problems that lead to nonadherence such as too many prescriptions to manage and multiple trips to the pharmacy
  • Create a truly personalized patient/employee experience using our industry-leading communications solutions to drive better patient engagement
  • Enhance site-of-care shifts and transitional care management
  • Keep a firm handle on your receivables balance
  • Get paid as a provider of clinical services using our proven medical billing software
  • Recapture script revenue while lowering spend, including maximizing specialty growth and 340B

49% of patients wish their digital healthcare experience was better and similar to consumer brands4

Key benefits of our patient engagement software include:

  • Increase Patient Retention – Personalized IVR provides a better pharmacy experience, reduces phone transfers by 15% or more, and improves employee/patient satisfaction ratings and retention.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency – Automated engagement frees up pharmacists to focus on patient care and revenue-generating value-added services such as Meds to Beds and vaccinations.
  • Increase Script Retention and Profitability – Patient enrollment in Medication Synchronization results in an average 2.3% increase over current script volume5, which can help you capitalize on specialty pharmacy and 340B script growth.
  • Improve Adherence and Outcomes – Med Sync leverages pharmacy data to help you identify nonadherent patients, provide counseling and bring them back into compliance. This results in improved health outcomes and reduced hospital readmissions.
  • Enhance Pharmacy Business Results – Econcile allows you to reduce unreconciled payments older than 60 days by an average of 40%.6

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OutpatientPowered From EnlivenHealth®, an outpatient pharmacy software, will help you improve efficiency and enhance medication adherence and health outcomes, while reducing hospital readmissions

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