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CareScheduler – Breakthrough Pharmacy Scheduling and Reporting Software

Enabling pharmacies to maximize vaccination and other clinical opportunities, improve patient care and grow pharmacy revenues.

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Better Manage Patient Demand and Deliver High-Value, Personalized Clinical Care

With EnlivenHealth’s CareScheduler software, a proven appointment-based patient engagement and vaccination management solution, you can streamline pharmacy workflows and maximize clinical opportunities, while driving revenue growth for your pharmacy.


of pharmacists say administrative tasks interfere with providing patient care1


pharmacists spend 41% of their time on administrative tasks2


of consumers prefer to use digital channels to communicate with healthcare providers3

EnlivenHealth® CareScheduler

Our breakthrough pharmacy scheduling software, CareScheduler, transforms both the practice and business of pharmacy by completely automating the manual and inefficient processes of scheduling and managing vaccinations and point-of-care testing. It also automates patient recruitment and communications, patient consent paperwork and registry reporting to free up pharmacists to focus on patient care and deliver value-added services that generate increased revenues.

CareScheduler can help you to:

  • Identify vaccination opportunities via powerful algorithms and recruit patients using SMS text messaging and chatbots– Claims by payer distributed by calendar month
  • Automate patient-self scheduling and consent paperwork to minimize wait times and drive greater patient satisfaction
  • Maximize vaccine volumes by using automation to optimize workflow efficiency and allow more time for personalized patient care
  • Provide convenient appointment reminders to enhance the patient experience and reduce no-shows
  • Use automated, API-integrated real-time registry reporting to easily meet CDC and state reporting requirements and save time

On average CareScheduler achieves a 4% response rate for an estimated 1,500+ in additional vaccinations and an increase in revenue of $5,400+ per pharmacy location annually.

Key benefits include:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency – Automation frees up pharmacists and staff to focus on patient care.
  • Increase Patient Retention – CareScheduler provides a more personalized patient experience, that improves patient satisfaction and retention.
  • Increase Revenue and Profitability – Automates tedious tasks so pharmacists and their staff can deliver high-value, revenue-generating clinical services.
  • Enhances Pharmacists and Staff Satisfaction and Retention – Optimizes workflow efficiency and allows pharmacists to practice at the top of their license.

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Maximized Vaccination Opportunities and Improved Pharmacy Performance Starts Here

EnlivenHealth® CareScheduler, the industry’s breakthrough pharmacy scheduling software, will help you improve efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction, while growing your pharmacy business.

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