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Touchpoint Management - Digital Patient Engagement for Specialty Pharmacies

Enabling pharmacies to improve the patient experience, enhance health outcomes, and increase pharmacy business.

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Strengthens Specialty Pharmacy Patient Engagement and Measurably Improves Medication Adherence and Health Outcomes

With EnlivenHealth’s Touchpoint Management software, a proven digital patient engagement solution for specialty pharmacy, you can improve operational efficiency, enhance patient adherence and outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.


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EnlivenHealth® Touchpoint Management

Our patient engagement software, specifically designed for specialty pharmacy, transforms workflow efficiency. This proven engagement solution automates patient communications such as interactive/static outbound calls, SMS text messaging and email to increase operational efficiency and free up pharmacy staff to focus on patient care. Touchpoint also includes Compliance Management and Lifecycle Management to fully meet the accreditation and clinical needs of specialty pharmacy.

For URAC, ACHS and NCQA accreditation, Compliance Management enables pharmacies to conduct automated patient satisfaction surveys using interactive outbound messaging and interactive voice response (IVR) for routing, processing, and reporting. For specialty pharmacies seeking to enhance their clinical outreach, Lifecycle Management uses a HIPAA compliant, CRM-light, one-to-one hosted dialer to generate lists, personalize call scripts and schedule patient interactions.

The Touchpoint Management suite helps you to:

  • Leverage pharmacy data and automation to deliver regularly scheduled interactions to bring nonadherent patients into compliance and improve PDC scores
  • Streamline the specialty pharmacy workflow by automating manual and time-consuming tasks such as confirm shipment/receipt of medications, provide refill notifications and offer adherence surveys/reminders
  • Free up staff to focus on patient care and provide other high-touch services
  • Address problems that lead to nonadherence such as side effects and injectable drug issues
  • Automate compliance management to increase efficiency so your staff can focus on patient care

After implementing automated outbound voice messaging calls and SMS text messaging, specialty pharmacies can expect to see an increased PDC of up to 5%.4

Key benefits include:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency – Automation frees up pharmacists to focus on patient care and high-touch, value-added services. For example, pharmacies are seeing a 50% increase in self-service refills, significantly reducing the time pharmacy staff spends on the phone.5
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction – Touchpoint Management provides a better patient experience and improves satisfaction leading to an 18% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS).6
  • Improve Medication Adherence and Patient Outcomes – Outbound refill reminder and adherence messaging promotes medication adherence and results in up to a 5% increase In PDC scores.7

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Improved Specialty Pharmacy Patient Engagement and Medication Adherence Starts Here

EnlivenHealth’s Touchpoint Management solution can help you better engage patients and grow your pharmacy business, while empowering you to increase operational efficiency, improve patient adherence and outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction.

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