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Omnicell to Acquire FDS Amplicare

The addition of FDS Amplicare’s financial management, analytics, and population health technology solutions to our EnlivenHealth™ division will empower retail pharmacy to maximize business results and support optimal health for patients.

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Personalizing Patient Communications

Create a truly engaging pharmacy experience with Personalized Communications from EnlivenHealth™. Tailor your patient communications with Personalized IVR, SMS texting, chatbots, email and a mobile app.

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Transform Your Pharmacy

Improve adherence by 3X, drive patient retention and increase script volume growth with our industry-leading Medication Synchronization platform.

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  • Solutions For Pharmacies

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      million patient
      delivered a month

    • EVERY

      seconds a patient is enrolled in our Medication Synchronization platform

    • 0 %

      increase in patient
      retention among enrolled patients

    Our proven patient engagement and communications solutions enable pharmacies to ensure the lifelong optimal health of their patients while streamlining pharmacy processes, driving script growth and boosting profitability.

  • Solutions For Health Plans

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      average PMPM savings
      across 4 disease states

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      reduction in hospitalization
      and ER visits

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      of health plan members enrolled in our Member Adherence solution achieve adherence

    We empower health plans and other payers to measurably improve member health outcomes, increase medication adherence and strengthen quality scores, while effectively managing risks and costs.

The EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform

The EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform is transforming how retail pharmacies and health plans engage and communicate with patients and members, coordinate care and ensure medication adherence. As the only fully integrated Patient Engagement Platform, our proven technology orchestrates advanced clinical interventions, personalized omnichannel communications and sophisticated data sciences to bend the quality and cost curve, enabling lifelong optimal health for your patients and members.


Transform Your Patient Engagement With Our New Personalized Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Personalized IVR from EnlivenHealth™ is a highly customizable and scalable cloud-based voice technology that allows patients to seamlessly engage with your pharmacy via telephone without ever having to speak to a staff member. The solution automatically recognizes patients by their phone number and securely authenticates them using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) technology to capture their birth date. Personalized IVR then presents the patient with prescriptions ready to be refilled and any status updates on prescriptions already in the refill process. The result is a frictionless and highly personalized experience that leads to healthier, happier patients.

Our Valued Partners

EnlivenHealth™ is proud to work with many of the nation’s leading retail pharmacy and health plan brands. Here’s a sample of our valued partners.

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"We have been using the EnlivenHealth™ Med Sync adherence program for several years now for our various locations. It has made a substantial positive impact on our business. "

- Owner of Regional Pharmacy Chain

“Med Sync from EnlivenHealth™ reduced the amount of time our technicians and staff spent on the phone. It also allowed us to create a predictable workflow, so we could plan for when patients were going to come in. ”

- Pharmacy Director of Grocery Chain

"We were impressed with how the EnlivenHealth™ Immunization Solution reduced the time our staff spent updating the immunization registry."

- Operations Executive of National Pharmacy Chain

"With the EnlivenHealth™ Med Sync pick-up reminders, we found that our patients picked up their prescriptions an average of 9.8 hours sooner while significantly reducing the return to stock rates for our pharmacies."

- Pharmacy Director of National Pharmacy Chain

"We did not realize how many scripts we were missing filling until we started using Med Sync from EnlivenHealth™."

- Pharmacy Operations Director of Regional Grocery Chain

Resources To Help You Optimize Lifelong Health

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Intelligent Patient Engagement Starts Here

EnlivenHealth™ will help you bend the quality & cost curve while optimizing health outcomes.