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Omnichannel Communications Solutions

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EnlivenHealth™ is revolutionizing how pharmacies communicate and interact with patients to keep them healthy and happy. Our Omnichannel Communications Solutions integrate all events, opportunities and patient interactions through the full range of communication channels and devices.

EnlivenHealth™ offers the following Omnichannel Communications Solutions:

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    EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications

    This digitized, omnichannel communications solution enables pharmacies to develop a truly personalized experience for patients. EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications leverages our deep clinical intelligence and pharmacy data to tailor communications to patients’ personal needs and preferences. The result: personalized, accurate and timely messaging that transforms patient engagement into a compelling and convenient experience that leads to healthier, happier patients.

    The EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications solution starts with sophisticated data science and then applies machine learning/AI to provide systems the ability to improve automatically from iterative experiences of patient behaviors. This insight allows us to know the best method and timing to increase the likelihood of positive response to a patient intervention that ultimately leads to measurably improved adherence and quality scores, and consistently better health outcomes.

    In addition, EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications integrates all methods onto a single communications system to harness the power of all channels, including:

    • Interactive Inbound-Outbound Phone Communication
    • SMS Texting
    • Email
    • Mobile App
    • Virtual Face-to-Face
    • Frictionless Voice Technology Services

    EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications is a breakthrough solution that ushers in a new era of digitized medication and care management. In the process, it delivers significant, measurable improvements in patient satisfaction and retention, pharmacy efficiency, medication adherence, and health outcomes.

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    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    EnlivenHealth™ IVR is a proven, highly customizable, HIPAA/HITECH-compliant technology that serves as the pharmacy’s automated attendant, providing patients access to the pharmacy any time via phone, regardless of business hours. It answers and routes inbound calls, offers the option to leave new and refill authorization messages or transfer to the pharmacy, and provides customized recorded messaging.

    This automated communications solution gives pharmacy staff more time for providing value-based patient care, thus improving patient health outcomes and driving script growth. It creates a quieter, less hectic work environment, while providing awareness messaging specific to medication synchronization. Fully integrated with the pioneering EnlivenHealth™ Med Sync solution, our IVR solution automatically queues synchronized refills for dispensing.

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    Mobile App

    The EnlivenHealth™ Mobile App is a pharmacy-branded, patient-facing app that allows patients to perform a variety of functions to assist with medication adherence and manage overall health. Our patient-tested Mobile App provides pharmacies with their own branded mobile app to help patients manage medication use. It improves adherence by helping patients to refill medications, find a store, set reminders, set schedule for meds, and track their own health.

    Key benefits of the EnlivenHealth™ Mobile App include improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increased script volume. In addition, our Mobile App supports the full range of administrative functions, including: store locator, quick refill, medication list, set reminders, set schedule of medications, request multiple med refills at one time, add own images of medications, health measurements, health information, and refill reminders.

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