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Medication Synchronization

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    Medication Synchronization

    Why Medication Synchronization?

    Medication nonadherence is a systemic problem that costs more than $520 billion a year in the US and accounts for more than 10% of total national healthcare spending. Pharmacies and pharmacists play a pivotal role in combatting nonadherence. However, given the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the range of operational hurdles they face daily, pharmacies are fighting an uphill battle.

    Why Do Pharmacies Choose EnlivenHealth™?

    EnlivenHealth™ is a pioneer in Medication Synchronization, our appointment-based solution that is foundational to transformative pharmacy innovation and process improvement. Medication Synchronization aligns a patient’s chronic medications to a single refill date, allowing you to effectively plan for ongoing administration of other valuable services, such as vaccinations, point-of-care testing and Medication Therapy Management counseling.

    Medication Synchronization offers unprecedented opportunity for script growth, enhanced workflow efficiency, patient retention and mitigation of direct and indirect (DIR) fees. As a powerful medication adherence tool for patients, Medication Synchronization improves PDC scores, enabling pharmacies to demonstrate value to health plans and be compensated for Star ratings performance improvement.

    Adherence achieved through EnlivenHealth™ Medication Synchronization is directly linked to a 9% reduction in medical costs associated with hospital admissions and emergency department visits.

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    Key Benefits of Medication Synchronization from EnlivenHealth™

    • Increased Patient Satisfaction – Frees up time for the pharmacist to explain how the medication works and how patients can avoid side effects
    • Drive Script Growth – Appointment-based medication management can lead to 2 to 3.5 additional prescription refills per participating patient over the course of a year
    • Operational Efficiency – Coordinates patients’ chronic prescriptions for monthly scheduled pick-ups rather than disrupting the pharmacy with multiple patient visits during the month
    • Clinical Decision Support – Ensures that pharmacies accurately target populations with clinical interventions that can measurably improve medication adherence and PDC scores

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EnlivenHealth™ will help you bend the quality & cost curve while optimizing health outcomes.