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Omnicell CEO Discusses EnlivenHealth™ Launch with Division’s GM

Q. Randall Lipps, Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Omnicell, Inc.: Danny, we are excited about the recent announcement that Omnicell Population Health Solutions is now EnlivenHealth™. Tell us about the significance of this rebranding.

A. Danny Sanchez, Vice President and GM, EnlivenHealth™, a Division of Omnicell, Inc.: Thanks, Randy. We are thrilled about our new brand identity, EnlivenHealth™, and our new tagline: “an Omnicell Innovation.” We believe our new EnlivenHealth™ name captures our vision, which is about enabling our retail pharmacy and health plan customers to ensure the “Lifelong Optimal Health” of their patient populations.

Randall Lipps: Can you give us some additional color on that vision and briefly describe the EnlivenHealth™ business?

Danny Sanchez: EnlivenHealth™ is the division of Omnicell that builds SaaS software solutions that help our partners to more effectively and efficiently engage and communicate with their patients. More specifically, we orchestrate intelligent, digital technology solutions that enable pharmacies and health plans to improve medication adherence, drive patient and member retention, and increase revenues and profits. Fundamentally, our mission is to bend the quality and cost curve for retail pharmacies and health plans.

Randall Lipps: EnlivenHealth™ works for some of the best-known brands in retail and healthcare. Can you tell us a little about your customers?

Danny Sanchez: We are very proud about our partners. Traditionally, our division has served the retail pharmacy industry. Some of our leading retail partners include Walgreens, Walmart and Publix.

During the past few years, EnlivenHealth™ has been building on that strong retail pharmacy heritage to also serve the health plan industry. Our current health plan partners include such industry heavy-weights as United Healthcare, WellCare and Cigna. Health plans see tremendous value in EnlivenHealth™ technology solutions to help them improve their member adherence and retention, strengthen quality measures, and reduce costs.

Randall Lipps: When I think of the EnlivenHealth™ business, it’s clear to me how well it aligns with Omnicell’s Autonomous Pharmacy vision. Can you comment on that?

Danny Sanchez: We also see strong alignment with the Autonomous Pharmacy vision. Like Omnicell, EnlivenHealth™ creates and leverages data intelligence, and drives workflow automation, digitization and optimization.

Ultimately, we are all focused on building best-in-breed technology solutions that help to significantly improve patient adherence and health outcomes. I would also add that, like Omnicell, a key goal of EnlivenHealth™ is to enable pharmacists to operate at the top of their license. Our technology streamlines retail pharmacy workflow and frees up pharmacists to focus on value-based services such as medication therapy counseling, immunizations and point-of-care testing.

Randall Lipps: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought transformative change to the world, and especially to the healthcare industry and our customers. Can you comment on how COVID has impacted the EnlivenHealth™ business?

Danny Sanchez: COVID has accelerated several major trends that are transforming healthcare and impacting our partners’ business. For us, probably the biggest impact is the continuing digitization of healthcare delivery. COVID has created more urgency around using digital technologies and channels to provide a whole range of patient care and related services. EnlivenHealth™ was built for this new era of healthcare. We are playing a key role in this digital shift by providing the most trusted and proven patient engagement and communications software solutions.

Randall Lipps: Finally, what exciting things should we expect from EnlivenHealth™ in the future?

Danny Sanchez: First and foremost, we will continue to grow our business with retail pharmacy and health plan partners. On the technology front, we are particularly excited about launching a range of new products during the next several months.

For example, in Q1 next year we will be launching our new EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications solution. This is a breakthrough communications platform that leverages digital technologies and machine learning to enable pharmacies and health plans to create a uniquely personalized experience for their patients and members. This product will be a game changer for the industry – and for EnlivenHealth™.