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New Survey Finds That Immunizations Are the Top Growth Area for Retail Pharmacies

A new national survey found that immunization services are the biggest growth area for pharmacies. Participating in the survey were some 300 pharmacists, representing retail, hospital outpatient and long-term care pharmacies. Key findings of the survey, which was commissioned by Omnicell, the parent company of EnlivenHealth™, included the following:  

  • 59% of pharmacists participating in the survey believe immunizations will be the highest growth area over the next three years
  • 79% of those pharmacists list immunization services as the top on-site service provided

These findings reinforce current industry trends pointing to clinical services becoming increasingly important for pharmacies, which today face significant challenges from issues that include declining reimbursements and growing DIR (Direct and Indirect Remuneration) fees.

As pharmacies continue to expand high-value clinical services such as immunizations for COVID-19 and the flu, the need to improve workflow efficiencies becomes even more critical. Shifting to an automated tool to manage vaccination and other clinical care programs can do exactly that. For example, EnlivenHealth’s CareScheduler solution automates vaccination appointment scheduling, patient communications and registry reporting. In doing so, CareScheduler helps pharmacies to reduce the disruption of walk-ins, streamline workflows, and enhance the overall patient experience.

The study also found that 75% of retail pharmacy chains use a patient communication solution to help manage inbound or outbound calling, notify patients of care updates, and handle appointment scheduling. Additional communications-related findings included:

  • 19% of retail pharmacies are likely to upgrade, replace or add a new patient communication solution over the next two years
  • 27% of outpatient pharmacies are likely to do so in that same time period
  • 20% of long-term care pharmacies reported they would also upgrade their communications capabilities

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