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    Immunization & Scheduling Solutions

    The EnlivenHealth™ Immunization Solution maximizes vaccination opportunities and streamlines workflow, using automated tools for supporting scheduling, administration, documentation and vaccine reporting.

    This solution identifies and prioritizes patient vaccination needs, delivers communications to patients regarding treatment gaps, and automates queries and reporting to state government immunization information systems.

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    CareScheduler is the breakthrough solution from EnlivenHealth™ that enables pharmacies to provide hands-free scheduling, consent and registry reporting for the eventual COVID-19 vaccine, significantly reducing infection risk for pharmacy patients and staff.

    CareScheduler allows patients to fill out consent and Vaccine Administration Records information from home, removing the need for patients to handle documents in the pharmacy. This eliminates the need for signing physical pieces of paper and minimizes the time patients spend in the pharmacy. As a result, there is a much lower risk of patients and staff being infected by the coronavirus. In addition, CareScheduler automates the pharmacy’s process of reporting to the vaccine registries.

    CareScheduler uses advanced digital technology, including mobile messaging and convenient chatbots, to collect patient information, schedule vaccination and testing clinics, and report results. It automates immunization workflows, provides efficient scheduling and data collection, provides appointment reminders and wellness checks, and increases patient safety and satisfaction as well as revenue opportunities.

    Given the significant preparations around the COVID-19 vaccine, and the increasing focus on value-added services such as immunizations for flu, shingles and other diseases, retail pharmacies are increasingly adopting year-round vaccination strategies. CareScheduler plays an essential role in enabling pharmacies to efficiently and effectively manage these ongoing vaccination programs.

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