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With COVID Boosters on the Horizon, Pharmacies Prepare to Leverage Automated Solutions for Vaccine Administration

As noted this week by Fierce Healthcare, the Biden administration “plans to roll out a booster shot for COVID-19 vaccinations starting on Sept. 20, directing Americans to get an extra shot eight months after their second dose.” This comes after the COVID-19 booster was also recently authorized by the CDC for those with compromised immune systems.

Given these national COVID booster recommendations, retail pharmacies once again find themselves on the frontlines of administering the vaccines that are vital to ending the pandemic. For pharmacies that efficiently manage these vaccines, there is opportunity to provide an essential healthcare service to their patients and communities, while also driving revenue growth.

By leveraging CareScheduler from EnlivenHealth™, pharmacies can automate the vaccine administration workflows of notifying patients who are eligible for the booster, scheduling appointments, and reporting to the appropriate state vaccination registries – all while efficiently communicating with patients through automated outreach.

With this breakthrough digital solution, pharmacies can streamline the previously manual processes and inefficient workflows associated with a large-scale vaccination program. The efficiencies gained by implementing CareScheduler lead to increased patient satisfaction and retention by reducing wait times for receiving vaccines, as well as enhanced revenue and profitability by maximizing COVID vaccination volumes.

Flu Season Is Near

Coinciding with the spike in workload that will come with administering the COVID-19 booster, pharmacies are already planning for this year’s flu season. This, too, is an opportunity to leverage the unique capabilities of CareScheduler.

In addition to CareScheduler’s powerful automation capabilities, the solution now uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically recommend and recruit pharmacy patients to target for receiving the flu vaccine. EnlivenHealth™ has built AI into the CareScheduler tool to analyze medication dispensing data from pharmacists’ transaction records. The tool then automatically recommends the patients with the highest likelihood to schedule an appointment. No action is needed on the part of the pharmacy staff.

Additionally, CareScheduler allows patients to jointly book appointments for the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine, or the COVID-19 booster, in a single transaction. The solution is also capable of documenting both the flu and COVID-19 vaccines with a single electronic form, further streamlining the process for patients receiving both vaccinations this fall.

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