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    Medication Synchronization

    EnlivenHealth™ is a pioneer in Medication Synchronization (Med Sync), our appointment-based solution that is foundational to transformative pharmacy innovation and process improvement. Med Sync aligns a patient’s chronic medications to a single refill date, allowing you to effectively plan for ongoing administration of other valuable services, such as vaccinations, point-of-care testing and Medication Therapy Management counseling.

    Med Sync offers unprecedented opportunity for script growth, enhanced workflow efficiency, patient retention and direct and indirect (DIR) fee mitigation. As a powerful medication adherence tool, Med Sync improves PDC scores, enabling pharmacies to demonstrate value to health plans and be compensated for Star Ratings performance improvement.

    Adherence achieved through EnlivenHealth™ Med Sync is directly linked to a 9% reduction in medical costs associated with hospital admissions and emergency department visits.

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    Immunization & Scheduling Solutions

    The EnlivenHealth™ Immunization Solution maximizes vaccination opportunities and streamlines workflow, using automated tools for supporting scheduling, administration, documentation and vaccine reporting.

    This solution identifies and prioritizes patient vaccination needs, delivers communications to patients regarding treatment gaps, and automates queries and reporting to state government immunization information systems.

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    CareScheduler is the breakthrough solution from EnlivenHealth™ that automates the existing manual and inefficient processes of scheduling, managing and reporting vaccinations and point-of-care testing. The powerful new tool streamlines patient notification about available tests and other services, while helping to manage the administration of these high value care services.

    CareScheduler uses advanced digital technology, including mobile messaging and convenient chatbots, to collect patient information, organize vaccination and testing clinics, and report results. It automates workflow, provides efficient scheduling and data collection, patient safety and satisfaction, and increased revenue opportunities.

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    Health Plan Dashboards

    Health Plan Dashboards is an EnlivenHealth™ Med Sync performance self-monitoring tool, filterable by health plan. The dashboard gives pharmacy users a performance snapshot, identifies additional patients eligible for enrollment in Med Sync, and enables PDC tracking and improvement for synchronized medications.

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    Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

    EnlivenHealth™ MTM offers a first-of-its-kind intuitive workflow with high-level clinical decision support for optimal quality and cost-effectiveness of Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs).

    There are several key features that differentiate the EnlivenHealth™ MTM solution. For example, our proven MTM platform includes automation-assisted medication reconciliation and a Care Documentation Tool. It also exclusively integrates with EnlivenHealth™ Med Sync, the pioneering appointment-based adherence and patient retention solution. Fully CMS-compliant, our MTM solution offers all of the traditional Medicare Part D required deliverables.


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    Care Documentation Tool

    The EnlivenHealth™ Care Documentation Tool records and communicates a patient’s care plan. This includes encounter details, health information, current medication list and medication therapy problems.

    A key component of the EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform, this important solution enables pharmacist documentation of patient interventions to support longitudinal care. It provides evidence for value-based payment for pharmacy services, with SNOMED-CT coding for efficient documentation of service type, reason for services and drug therapy problems.

    The Care Documentation Tool provides a mechanism for scalability of pharmacist services through use of interoperable sharing of clinical data with payers and other healthcare providers.

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    Opioid Mitigation Solution

    Responding to the national crisis in opioid abuse and associated negative health impacts, the EnlivenHealth™ Opioid Mitigation Solution reduces risk of accidental overdose from opioid use by applying evidence-based criteria to identify high-risk patients and activate naloxone co-dispensing. This critical value-based care solution helps pharmacies efficiently to initiate patient conversations on opioid use and risks using interventional scripting. The focus is on patient safety, the life-saving value of naloxone, and the vital nature of naloxone dispensing.

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    Chronic Condition Management

    Our Chronic Condition Management solution activates positive medication use behavior by improving patient understanding of the power of effective self-management. The solution delivers chronic condition-specific education to improve patient health literacy by helping patients to understand the relationship between their medication use behavior and successful management of their chronic conditions.

    As a key component of the EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform, our Chronic Condition Management solution targets patients with specific chronic conditions for a brief dialogue with pharmacy staff. This dialogue is driven by decision-tree logic to quickly identify where education needs to be focused for greatest impact on patient health outcomes. Chronic Condition Management is designed for ongoing use, with different topics month-to-month, and iterative content for reinforcement.

    This solution is proven to drive high-level persistence and adherence improvement, while reducing in-condition-specific medical costs.

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