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As we enter the second year of the pandemic, there is light starting to emerge at the end of the tunnel. The role of the pharmacist and pharmacies is soaring to new heights, and pharmacy has become a destination for hope and survival. EnlivenHealth’s Danny Sanchez weighs in on the state of the pharmacy business […]

In a recent Drug Store News webinar, Mike Cantrell, EnlivenHealth’s senior director of regional operations, David Kirkus, EnlivenHealth’s pharmacy consultant, and Duane Jones, district manager, community pharmacy residency director and clinical programs director of Harps Food Stores, outlined what strategies are needed for pharmacies and pharmacists to modernize their vaccine workflow to expand their vaccination and clinical services.

As  highly trusted and accessible healthcare providers, pharmacists have taken on the significant increases in patient and workflow demands from administering the COVID-19 vaccines. One of the most anticipated events in healthcare history, the COVID-19 vaccines have had a commensurately major impact on the practice and business of community pharmacy while opening the door for […]

Pharmacy technology and automation companies have been ramping up their solutions to help pharmacies juggle their expanded roles in 2021. Drug Store New speaks with Danny Sanchez about how EnlivenHealth™ is helping pharmacies with the vaccination efforts.

Danny Sanchez, vice president and general manager, EnlivenHealth, speaks about the benefits of the CareScheduler tool; outlines how it improves processes for pharmacists, health plans, and patients; as well as highlights how this kind of technology can alleviate the many challenges associated with patient engagement and COVID-19 vaccination administration.

As would-be vaccine recipients scramble for appointment time slots, in too many cases “the technology is just being used wrong,” says Danny Sanchez, VP and GM at EnlivenHealth™.

Pharmacy technology and automation companies have been ramping up their solutions to help pharmacies juggle their expanded roles in 2021. EnlivenHealth’s new CareScheduler solution has been featured as one such technology.

In this ABC News Vaccine Watch segment, EnlivenHealth’s Danny Sanchez weighs in on in on the nation’s current struggles with scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations.

As states continue to administer COVID-19 vaccines through retail pharmacies, many are turning to digital tools to help efficiently manage the rollout. Among the solutions being used in Omnicell’s CareScheduler, which the company said is seeing high demand from pharmacies.

Danny Sanchez, EnlivenHealth’s VP and GM, shares pharmacy’s key role in vaccine distribution during “Aquí y Ahora” a Univision Town Hall special dedicated to covering the latest news on the COVID-19 vaccine.