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Case Study:

S&S Drug
Beloit, KS

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Located in downtown Beloit, Kansas, S&S Drug has been a pillar of the community for nearly 120 years and an invaluable medical resource for Beloit's population of just over 4,300 people. With nearly a quarter of the population being 65 and older and 60% of S&S Drug's claims going through Medicare Part D, finding the best way to serve the Medicare population became a huge part of their business model. "We started offering Medicare plan comparisons as a way of standing out from the big chains in the area," said Heather Johnson, CEO of S&S Drug.
During an average open enrollment period, Johnson performs around 1,000 plan comparisons (seeing as many as 45 patients a day), and that number is only growing. With the automation features in Medicare Match — like auto medication imports — she can breeze through plan comparisons while still finding the best plans for each patient.

By the Numbers

over 0

plan comparisons performed per open enrollment period

up to 0

plan comparisons scheduled per day

up to 0

additional plan comparison appointments each year


  • Tedious, time-consuming manual plan comparison process
  • High out-of-pocket costs for Medicare patients
  • Medicare patient population inundated with plan choices

Use Cases

  • Streamline Plan Comparisons: Simplify the act of comparing Medicare plans for patients
  • Win-Win Reporting: Identify plans that reduce patient costs and benefit the pharmacy

"Looking at plan comparisons is our number one customer retention tool. This is a product I couldn’t run my business without. It is an amazing program."
  - Heather Johnson
Chief Executive Officer, S&S Drug


  • 1,000+ plan comparisons performed per open enrollment period
  • Up to 45 plan comparisons scheduled per day
  • 50-60 additional plan comparison appointments each year
  • Positive impact on customer retention

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