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Clinical Solutions

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    Tailored Population Health Programs

    Tailored Population Health Programs from EnlivenHealth™ offer health plans a combined clinical and communications strategy to achieve overall population health improvement. This is defined by risk-tier stratification and tier-specific tailoring of interventions for the best possible member experience and health outcomes.

    These programs provide health plans with the flexibility to seamlessly design a comprehensive clinical intervention strategy integrated with the right communication tools to deliver the right content and modalities based on member risk tier for overall population health. Risk-tiered stratification is applied to the identified member population, with the program tailored to meet the plan needs using multiple tier-specific clinical levers. These levers enable guideline-based preventive medicine for members with specific chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

    Combined with the breakthrough EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications solutions, this program enables health plans to deliver the right intervention to the right member at the right time via the member’s preferred communication method. The result is increased medication adherence, reduction in hospitalizations and ED visits, and improved quality ratings.


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