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Omnichannel Communications Solutions

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EnlivenHealth™ is revolutionizing how health plans communicate and interact with members to keep them healthy and happy. Our Omnichannel Communications Solutions integrate all events, opportunities and member interactions through the full range of communication channels and devices.

EnlivenHealth™ offers the following Omnichannel Communications Solutions:

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    EnlivenHealth™ Member Communications

    This digitized, omnichannel communications solution enables health plans and their partner pharmacies to develop a truly personalized experience for patients and members. EnlivenHealth™ Member Communications leverages our deep clinical intelligence and pharmacy data to tailor communications to members’ personal needs and preferences. The result: personalized, accurate and timely messaging that transforms member engagement and activation into a compelling and convenient experience that leads to healthier, happier members.

    The EnlivenHealth™ Member Communications solution starts with sophisticated data science and then applies machine learning/AI to provide systems the ability to improve automatically from iterative experiences of member behaviors. This insight allows us to know the best method and timing to increase the likelihood of positive response to a member intervention that ultimately leads to measurably improved adherence and quality scores, and consistently better health outcomes.

    In addition, EnlivenHealth™ Member Communications integrates all methods onto a single communications system to harness the power of all channels, including:

    • Interactive Inbound-Outbound Phone Communication
    • SMS Texting
    • Email
    • Mobile App
    • Virtual Face-to-Face
    • Frictionless Voice Technology Services

    EnlivenHealth™ Member Communications is a breakthrough solution that ushers in a new era of digitized medication and care management for health plans and their members. In the process, it delivers significant, measurable improvements in member satisfaction and retention, increased medication adherence, reduced PMPM costs and optimized health outcomes.


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    Voice Technology Services

    This first-of-its-kind communication solution enables health plans to offer members a hands-free, frictionless method of refilling their prescriptions and setting medication dose reminders. It accomplishes this through a machine learning/AI-driven, conversational dialogue with the patient via their preferred voice device. With this access, health plans can offer additional flexibility and convenience through a consumer-friendly new communication channel that connects members and their pharmacies with a new world of digitized medication management.

    By simple voice activation, the member’s voice services device will provide all available medications that can be filled. If desired by the member, the device will also provide timely dose reminders. With this access, health plans can offer the ultimate in flexibility and convenience through an innovative, highly personalized communication channel.

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EnlivenHealth™ will help you bend the quality & cost curve while optimizing health outcomes.