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Clinical Solutions

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    Tailored Population Health Programs

    Tailored Population Health Programs from EnlivenHealth™ offer health plans a combined clinical and communications strategy to achieve overall population health improvement. This is defined by risk-tier stratification and tier-specific tailoring of interventions for the best possible member experience and health outcomes.

    These programs provide health plans with the flexibility to seamlessly design a comprehensive clinical intervention strategy integrated with the right communication tools to deliver the right content and modalities based on member risk tier for overall population health. Risk-tiered stratification is applied to the identified member population, with the program tailored to meet the plan needs using multiple tier-specific clinical levers. These levers enable guideline-based preventive medicine for members with specific chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

    Combined with the breakthrough EnlivenHealth™ Personalized Communications solutions, this program enables health plans to deliver the right intervention to the right member at the right time via the member’s preferred communication method. The result is increased medication adherence, reduction in hospitalizations and ED visits, and improved quality ratings.


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    Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

    EnlivenHealth™ Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a full-service program backed by an unparalleled national pharmacy network and supported by call-center pharmacists who handle “super users.” EnlivenHealth™ MTM includes our industry-leading medication management platform that features one-of-a-kind Med Sync integration and our highly efficient, CMR delivery. The program also features a SNOMED-CT-equipped Care Documentation Tool, in addition to the standard set of CMS-compliant deliverables.

    The EnlivenHealth™ MTM solution increases CMR completion rates, drives medication adherence and significantly improves quality measures performance. Our MTM solution enables health plans to effectively manage risk and reduce overall healthcare costs by avoiding costly hospital readmissions.


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    Chronic Condition Management

    Our Chronic Condition Management solution activates positive medication use behavior by improving member understanding of the power of effective self-management. It delivers chronic condition-specific education to improve member health literacy by helping them to understand the relationship between their medication use behavior and successful management of their chronic conditions.

    With this EnlivenHealth™ solution, health plans can effectively target members with specific chronic conditions for live communication. This is driven by decision-tree logic to quickly identify where education needs to be focused for greatest impact on patient health outcomes. Chronic Condition Management is designed for ongoing use, with different topics month-to-month, and iterative content for reinforcement.

    This EnlivenHealth™ health plan solution is proven to drive high-level persistence and adherence improvement, while reducing in-condition-specific medical costs.

Comprehensive Adherence Solutions

EnlivenHealth™ provides a full suite of proven solutions that enable health plans to optimize the medication adherence of their members, and thus achieve the highest quality ratings. These adherence solutions include:


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    Member Adherence

    This proven adherence solution combines our industry-leading Medication Synchronization technology with a complete set of targeted adherence interventions to meet the 5-Star adherence needs of any member population. EnlivenHealth™ Member Adherence consistently achieves a 60%-plus member enrollment rate. Of enrolled members, greater than 75% regularly achieve 80% PDC. Targeting is based on established criteria and health plan needs.

    Crucially, the EnlivenHealth™ Member Adherence solution increases Medicare Star Ratings by improving quality measure performance and resulting avoidance of costly emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Equally important, Member Adherence strengthens member satisfaction and retention

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    Adherence Coaching

    This targeted adherence intervention program from EnlivenHealth™ identifies plan members who are trending toward suboptimal adherence to their medications. The program uses ongoing scripted decision-tree adherence coaching to reverse the trend and boost performance on adherence-relate quality measures. Results are captured and reported back to the health plan for this and other targeted adherence programs below.

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    30-90 Day Conversion

    Through this proven intervention program, health plans can improve member adherence by converting targeted medications to a 90-day supply. Intervention requires a discussion with the member/caregiver and prescriber to retrieve a new prescription for the 90-day supply medication.

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    Refill Assistance

    Our Refill Assistance program improves plan adherence performance by delivering targeted interventions for members with suboptimal adherence. Individual outreach to members to refill their medications proactively or retroactively includes medication adherence coaching.

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