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Case Study:


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Solution: Personalized IVR

As the operations director for GBANK Health, LLC, a network of six Iowa-based pharmacies, including two LTC pharmacies, Roger Thompson, CPhT has faced his share of challenges. With the COVID-19 pandemic came staffing shortages, a decrease in refills, and fewer face-to-face interactions with patients — the most valuable way pharmacists can use their time. Meanwhile, phone calls to the pharmacy had increased. To address these challenges, Roger saw an opportunity to think outside the box.

After implementing Personalized IVR from EnlivenHealth®, the staff at GBANK Health immediately noticed fewer call transfers from the IVR, going from 76 percent (while using standard IVR) down to 54 percent within the first few months. This gave them more time for
meaningful in-store patient interactions and other revenue-generating opportunities. In addition, more prescriptions were being refilled through the IVR system — as much as 53 percent of total refills for the pharmacy.

By the Numbers


fewer calls transferred to pharmacy staff compared to standard IVR


increase in refill requests in the first month


average increase in number of refills requested


  • Staffing shortages and decreased refills due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Volume of incoming calls interfering with pharmacy duties

Use Case

  • Incoming calls redirected to Personalized IVR to save staff time
  • Potential refills are automatically identified by the patient's phone number, so there is no need for the patient to provide prescription numbers

"The level of support and attention that you get from EnlivenHealth as a partner is outstanding. I wouldn't consider it a client-to-vendor relationship, it's really been a partnership."
  - Roger Thompson, CPhT, Operations Director, GBANK Health, LLC


  • 24% fewer calls transferred to pharmacy staff compared to standard IVR
  • 35% increase in refill requests in the first month
  • 30% average increase in number of refills requested
  • Time savings of 7 hours per week for 1 FTE per location
  • Measurable gains across all PDC scores

Improved Pharmacy Efficiency, Patient Retention and Script Growth Volume Starts Here

As a pharmacy IVR solution provider, we’re confident our Personalized IVR solution will help you enhance the patient experience and boost retention, while increasing efficiency and growing your pharmacy business.

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