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Transforming Patient Communications: Proven Strategies to Improve Your Patients’ Health Outcomes and Drive Pharmacy Business Results

As the pharmacy’s role in healthcare continues to expand, so does the need for personalized, patient-friendly communications. How pharmacies communicate with patients and through which channels significantly impact patients’ medication adherence and health outcomes, pharmacy workflow, and ultimately your pharmacy’s business results.

In a recent Drug Store News webinar, EnlivenHealth’s Kim Howland, Ph.D., Vice President of Product and Engineering, discussed how advanced, personalized communications play a critical role in enabling retail pharmacies to measurably improve patient health outcomes and retention while driving pharmacy profitability.

In addition, Kim shared best practice recommendations on how pharmacies can streamline their workflows, freeing up pharmacists’ time to focus on providing revenue-generating, value-added care.          

Watch the full webinar on-demand here and learn how Personalized Communications and IVR solutions from EnlivenHealth™ can significantly improve your patient engagement and pharmacy results.