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How to Select the Right Mobile App for Your Pharmacy

In 2020, US consumers spent an average of three and a half hours a day using mobile devices, with 88% of that time spent on apps1. With the significant impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, patients are increasingly relying upon mobile applications as their primary means for interacting with pharmacies and other healthcare providers. Pharmacies have an opportunity to connect with patients through this essential mobile channel to improve the patient experience and grow their pharmacy business.

The problem that most pharmacies face is that they do not possess the resources or the experience to develop solutions in-house. When looking externally, they are inundated with a wide range of options and find it difficult to differentiate among the various providers. With thousands of applications to choose from for your pharmacy, how do you even know where to start? And which is the best mobile solution for your pharmacy?

More than 90,000 digital health apps were released in 2020 – an average of 250 per day.2

Provide Greater Convenience for Patients

A mobile app solution must be convenient for your patients to use and access, whether its downloading native apps on Apple iOS and Google Android devices or browsing mobile optimized websites. When using the app, patients need to have the convenience to refill and manage their prescriptions in real-time, receive notifications (mobile push notifications, voice, SMS text or email) about their medication and pharmacy offers, find store information and pharmacy store locations, and access drug and health- related information.

80% of consumers prefer to use digital channels to communicate with providers.3

Offer Advanced Technology Features

A mobile app should include advanced technology features that create a convenient, engaging patient experience. For example, features such a medication synchronization offer patients on multiple medications to sync their prescriptions to be picked up at the same time, monthly. Additional features to consider include:

  • Anonymous refills (no login required
  • Secure patient profile
  • Biometric login
  • Pharmacy store locator with filters
  • Internal and external prescription transfers
  • Grocery/store-front app integration
  • Health and wellness scheduler integration

Save Your Pharmacy Time

In addition to providing convenience to the patient, a mobile app should also benefit your pharmacy staff by improving efficiency through time savings. For example, a mobile app that automates prescription refills not only benefits the patient but reduces the amount of time your staff spends on the phone handling medication refills and answering other basic questions. This frees up your pharmacists to provide personalized care and additional clinical services that improve patient adherence and health outcomes and drive incremental pharmacy revenue.

Mobile App from EnlivenHealth®

The Mobile App from EnlivenHealth® is a proven patient-facing application that orchestrates engagement between the patient and the pharmacy. Our app provides pharmacies with their own branded mobile app so they can deliver timely, personalized messaging and create convenient interactions that transform patient engagement, improve health outcomes, and increase patient retention. Key benefits of the Mobile App from EnlivenHealth® include:

  • Increased Patient Retention – EnlivenHealth’s Mobile App provides a better pharmacy experience that improves patient satisfaction ratings and user-retention.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency – Automated refills can free up pharmacists to focus on patient care and revenue-generating value-added services.
  • Stronger Revenue Growth and Profitability – Our Mobile App automates refills and answers basic questions so your pharmacy staff can practice at the top of their license and focus on patient care.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about the Mobile App from EnlivenHealth®.


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