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Webinar Recap: Harnessing Digital Technology to Transform the Practice and Business of Retail Pharmacy

COVID-19 has created numerous challenges and opportunities for community pharmacies as they play an increasingly important role in the healthcare system. How can pharmacies continue to elevate their status in the healthcare continuum? And, what needs to happen to empower pharmacists to truly practice at the top of their license and provide the kinds of high-value, revenue-generating clinical services that keep patients healthy while strengthening pharmacy business results?

In a recent webinar, EnlivenHealth’s Director of Pharmacy Consulting, David Kirkus, PharmD, shared the latest advancements in digital technologies for pharmacies and discussed best practices on how to grow and thrive in this new era of digital-driven healthcare.

“Imagine if you could increase patient retention by an average of 14% a year while  strengthening revenue growth and overall pharmacy profitability. This is all possible with EnlivenHealth’s Personalized Communications platform.”

David discussed strategies to help pharmacies of all sizes dramatically improve workflow efficiencies, freeing up staffs to focus on patient-centric care. He also delved into the benefits of transforming pharmacies into community healthcare destinations and adopting innovative population health programs that keep patients healthy and loyal.

Key take aways include:

  • Reimbursement pressure continues to be the number one challenge facing the industry, prompting pharmacies to leverage technology to gain workflow efficiencies. This frees up time for pharmacies and techs to deliver revenue-generating patient care services.
  • More and more pharmacy leaders are looking to proven, automated technologies such as Personalized IVR and CareScheduler from EnlivenHealth. These advanced digital systems improve pharmacy efficiencies and help alleviate serious challenges such as staffing shortages and pharmacist burnout, which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Leveraging personalized communications technology can transform pharmacies into true healthcare destinations by proactively engaging patients, driving utilization of new clinical services, keeping pharmacists off the phone, and directly engaged in patient care.

With the right technology in place, it’s possible to improve workflow efficiencies, deliver high-value clinical services and grow the business side of pharmacy. Watch the full webinar on demand here to learn how digital technologies can truly transform the practice and business of community pharmacies.


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