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Recent Study Highlights Importance of Medication Adherence in Patient Satisfaction

Boehringer Ingelheim recently conducted their annual Pharmacy Satisfaction survey, which collected data from over 33,000 patients between April and July of 2020 on topics related to their pharmacy experience. The goal of the survey was to better understand the pharmacy customer, discuss how to build a stronger patient care model, and help identify potential partnerships between pharmacy and the pharma industry. The survey also shed light on how patients perceive their own medication adherence and recommendations for improving adherence.  

Reasons for Medication Non-Adherence

Of the patients surveyed, three-quarters claimed to be adherent with the medications they were prescribed. Of those patients who claimed non-adherence, the biggest increase in cause of non-adherence was patients simply forgetting to refill their medications.

Medication adherence is of the utmost importance for pharmacies, not only because this ensures the health of their patients, but also because adherence factors into measures of success for the pharmacy as a business. Pharmacies should be looking into strategies and solutions, like 90-day prescription refills and medication synchronization solutions, to help patients stay adherent to their medication therapies.

Recommendations for Improving Medication Adherence

Boehringer Ingelheim’s survey also looked at factors that would help to promote medication adherence among their patient population. For example, survey respondents indicated they requested text or email reminders about taking their medications at an increasing rate compared to previous surveys. This notable shift highlights the need for better communication and engagement with patient populations. Investing in solutions that automate reminders for refill pickups, appointments and vaccinations can also move the needle for pharmacies looking to improve patient satisfaction and adherence.

You can read the full survey results here. We also invite you to learn more about how pharmacies can improve patient health and satisfaction, as well as medication adherence, with EnlivenHealth’s solutions here.