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Key Strategies to Mitigate DIR Fees and Improve Your Pharmacy’s Profitability

DIR fees are an unfortunate fact of life in running a pharmacy today. The lack of clarity about how much and when pharmacies get remunerated creates ongoing business challenges for an industry that already must deal with thin profit margins.

Pharmacies try to budget for these blind DIR fees but that is difficult to do when there is so little transparency in the process.  While reimbursement guides and performance guidebooks are available, they do not include sufficient information to predict or materially impact DIR fees.

Even if the exact fees remain unpredictable, there are proactive steps pharmacies can take right now to reduce these fees, while measurably improving patients’ health outcomes and driving pharmacy profitability. 

EnlivenHealth™ is conducting an exclusive webinar on Wednesday, June 9 at 11AM EST to help your pharmacy effectively manage and reduce DIR Fees. David Kirkus, EnlivenHealth’s pharmacy consultant and veteran pharmacy industry leader, will discuss practical DIR mitigation strategies, including: 

  • the importance of medication adherence in moderating DIR exposure
  • how you can improve your pharmacy’s CMR completion rate and close gaps in therapy to help lower DIR fees
  • key factors to evaluate when deciding on plan participation, and much more

With prescription drugs making up over 90% of pharmacy sales and more than half of all prescriptions sold in the US being covered by Medicare Part D, it’s no surprise that DIR Fees are a major challenge for pharmacies large and small. Register now to secure your spot at EnlivenHealth’s upcoming webinar where you will gain practical strategies and advice on how to start reducing your DIR fees and strengthen the profitability of your pharmacy.  


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