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Introducing EnlivenHealth®: Industry-Leading Patient Engagement and Communications Solutions Ensuring Lifelong Optimal Health

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the transformation of nearly every aspect of the healthcare sector. The digitization of healthcare delivery is at the core of this industry transformation. In the era of COVID, providers, pharmacists, health plans and their patient populations are increasingly relying on a ever widening array of digital-driven technologies to ensure healthy outcomes, improve operational and financial results, and stay safe.

EnlivenHealth® is a division of Omnicell, Inc. that was built for these changing, challenging times in healthcare. Formerly known as Omnicell Population Health Solutions, EnlivenHealth® innovates SaaS technology solutions that enable the nation’s leading pharmacies and health plans to better engage and communicate with their patients/members in order to measurably improve health outcomes, medication adherence and quality measures.

“We are thrilled to be launching our new EnlivenHealth® brand identity,” said Danny Sanchez, Vice President and General Manager of EnlivenHealth®.  “During the past six months, we conducted in-depth research on our division’s brand name and positioning. Based on that research, we concluded that our unit needed a distinct Omnicell sub-brand identity, one that fully captures our vision of optimizing lifelong health.”

Sanchez continued: “In fact, our new EnlivenHealth® brand name aligns very well what we actually do. The verb ‘enliven’ means to give life and action to something to make it more appealing. That a great way of describing how our division builds innovative, digital technology solutions that enable our partners to keep their patients healthy by ‘animating’ and ‘activating’ life-improving healthcare and medication therapies.” 

Sanchez noted that the new identity also underscores the EnlivenHealth® mission, which is to orchestrate intelligent engagement and communications technologies that enable retail pharmacies and health plans to achieve lifelong optimal health for their patients and members. 

The foundation of the EnlivenHealth® technology solutions offering is the Patient Engagement Platform. This fully integrated SaaS technology platform includes the following industry-leading technology solutions: 

  • Intelligent Clinical Solutions – EnlivenHealth® pioneered the appointment-based Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) solution, which is now an essential tool deployed by successful pharmacies and key to their medication adherence and patient retention programs. Every 9 seconds a patient enrolls in the EnlivenHealth® Med Sync platform. Other core Clinical Solutions from EnlivenHealth® include CareScheduler, Medication Therapy Management, Comprehensive Adherence Solutions, and the Opioid Mitigation Solution.
  • Omnichannel Communications Solutions – EnlivenHealth® builds digital-first communications tools that enable pharmacies and health plans to interact more effectively with their patients/members. These omnichannel communications capabilities are critical to driving improved health outcomes for pharmacy patients and health plan members. EnlivenHealth® Personalized Communications is the division’s breakthrough communications solution that leverages advanced machine learning and predictive analytics to create a truly personalized experience for patients and members.

If you would like to learn more about EnlivenHealth® and its full range of pharmacy and health plan proven engagement and communications solutions, click here.


Amplicare is now part of EnlivenHealth®


FDSRX is now part of EnlivenHealth®