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Growing Opportunities for Retail Pharmacies to Deliver High-Value Clinical Services

High-Value Clinical Services 2

For your pharmacy the goal isn’t merely to have more time for patients, but to be able to provide the clinical services they need, when they need them most. Federal and state legislative and regulatory changes have continued to expand the vital role that pharmacists play in providing healthcare, so now the profession involves so much more than dispensing medications and advising patients on its use. Depending on state regulations and licensing, pharmacists now may be allowed to perform clinical functions such as:

• Ordering and interpreting drug therapy-related tests
• Participating in the evaluation and management of diseases and health conditions in collaboration with other healthcare providers
• Ordering and administering vaccinations and point-of-care testing
• Ordering oral contraceptive therapy
• Providing naloxone counseling to mitigate the risk of opioid abuse
• Offering smoking cessation therapy
• Ordering treatments for Urinary Tract Infections

Community pharmacists are emerging as an increasingly vital part of the healthcare continuum. You are often seen as one of a community’s most trusted care providers, as evidenced by the growing array of clinical services that pharmacies are providing to patients.

Pharmacists also spend a lot more time with patients, seeing them an average of 10 times a year versus just a couple of times annually for primary care physicians. All of this is to say that local pharmacies are vital healthcare destinations. As such, they need the right technologies to enable them to provide convenient, personalized care to patients, and to optimize workflows so they can better handle the growing demands of patients for that care.
As you take a more active role in your patients’ care, pharmacy management systems based on dispensing medications often lack the clinical data and capabilities you need. The pharmacy management system must be augmented with intelligent clinical solutions that enable pharmacists to perform the value-added services that strengthen the health of their pharmacies and patients. Equally important, these solutions must work seamlessly with the PMS.

EnlivenHealth’s Personalized Communications can help you fully capitalize on the opportunities to take a more active role in patient care. Powered by intelligent clinical technologies that go beyond the capabilities of the PMS, it can help you improve your efficiency and ability to offer an expanding array of high-value patient care services. The technology streamlines your workflow and offers a convenient way for patients to come to you for patient care. Plus, its user-friendly interface can help you:

o Automate appointment scheduling, engagement and reporting for vaccinations and point-of-care testing
o Manage clinical interventions that improve patient health outcomes
o Streamline follow-up communications to ensure medication adherence

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