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FDS Amplicare Acquisition Will Help Support EnlivenHealth’s Retail Pharmacy Transformation Strategy

By Danny Sanchez, Vice President and General Manager, EnlivenHealth™

Our parent company Omnicell, Inc. announced this morning that it has agreed to acquire FDS Amplicare, a leading technology solutions provider for the retail pharmacy industry. Here’s a link to the Omnicell press release.

The acquisition will add a comprehensive and differentiated suite of financial management, analytics, and population health solutions to EnlivenHealth’s suite of proven patient engagement solutions that are helping to transform both the practice and business of retail pharmacy.

Our mission at EnlivenHealth™ is to build and orchestrate the most advanced digital engagement technologies that are designed to help retail pharmacies and health plans keep their patients and members healthy and happy, while strengthening their businesses results. The combination of EnlivenHealth™ and FDS Amplicare will help us advance and accelerate that transformative mission.  

As a major technology provider to the independent pharmacy market, FDS Amplicare specializes in financial, analytics and population health solutions and services that enable retail pharmacies to boost profitability and growth, retain patients, and expand into new value-added clinical services. FDS Amplicare’s products and services strongly complement EnlivenHealth’s clinical and communications solutions that measurably improve patient adherence, optimize pharmacy workflows, and increase script growth.

A growing part of EnlivenHealth’s business is providing technology solutions that enable health plans to keep their members healthy, improve ratings, and drive plan performance. FDS Amplicare’s population health solutions will play a key role in advancing this strategy as well. This includes an innovative Medicare Part D comparison tool that helps patients choose the right plan.

We believe the combination of EnlivenHealth™ and FDS Amplicare is a win-win for everyone involved – especially for our valued partners and employees.

We look forward to sharing much more about this major acquisition with you in the days and weeks ahead. Bottom-line, this combination strongly enhances and expands EnlivenHealth’s vision, which is to empower pharmacies and health plans to ensure the lifelong optimal health of their patients and members.


Amplicare is now part of EnlivenHealth®


FDSRX is now part of EnlivenHealth®