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Efficiently Navigating Workload Spikes from the Coming Flu Season and the Challenges Brought on by the COVID-19 Delta Variant

Every flu season is a heavy lift for retail pharmacies, and the remainder of 2021 brings its own challenges as the Delta variant of COVID-19 is raising significant new challenges for the nation’s healthcare system. Even without these new pandemic challenges, providing flu vaccinations to a growing number of walk-in patients poses real operational and safety challenges for your pharmacy. The unpredictable spikes in workload can lead to burdened pharmacy staff and long wait times for patients. Not to mention the myriad of repetitive tasks involved in administering a vaccine, which can be a tedious time sink for your pharmacy staff and take away from their focus on providing care to patients.

With the right strategies and intelligent technology solutions, pharmacies can effectively prepare themselves to successfully manage the surging workloads and patient demands brought on by this year’s flu season and the continuing need to administer more COVID vaccines. Pharmacies that efficiently manage these vaccinations reap the rewards of improved patient health outcomes and patient satisfaction, and optimized pharmacy workflows – all leading to higher script growth and profitability.

In our newly published Flu Vaccine Readiness Playbook from EnlivenHealth™, we provide strategies to optimize efficiencies in the pharmacy staff’s workflow, enhance the overall patient experience, and improve business performance through easy-to-execute plays, including:

  • lessening the volatility of walk-in overload by encouraging patients to schedule vaccination appointments
  • encouraging patients to complete vaccine paperwork at home
  • proactively preparing your pharmacy to maximize the flu vaccine revenue opportunity, and more.

Download the brand new Flu Vaccine Readiness Playbook here and arm your pharmacy with the strategies and technologies to improve patient health outcomes and patient satisfaction, and optimize pharmacy workflows.


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