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Delivery Service Partners for Your Independent Pharmacy

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. earlier this year, pharmacies across the country adjusted their operations. Many introduced or ramped up their home delivery options to meet the needs of patients restricted by social distancing measures. As states start to reopen, a recent NCPA survey of independent pharmacy owners found that 82% expect to continue to offer curbside pickup and expanded delivery service once the pandemic ends.

Offering delivery options at your pharmacy is a great way to connect with consumers who have come to expect convenience from businesses. It also helps community pharmacies compete with online pharmacies such as Capsule and Pill Pack, which are built on a delivery model. However, not every pharmacy has the bandwidth to handle delivery in-house. If you’re looking to introduce or expand your pharmacy’s delivery service, here are a few companies currently working with pharmacies to help you get started. 


Founded in 2017, ScriptDrop is quickly making its mark on the pharmacy industry. Although about 70% of its monthly revenue comes from community pharmacies, the company also works with chains such as Albertsons and Kroger. It also partners with long-term care facilities, specialty pharmacies, outpatient facilities, and other divisions. 

Key Offerings: ScriptDrop integrates with pharmacy systems and offers multiple delivery options, including same-day delivery, on-demand delivery, and shipping. On its website, the company promises to reduce delivery costs by up to 14% for independent pharmacies and increase store ROI.

Areas of Operation: ScriptDrop communicates with courier companies across all 50 states. 

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Deliv Rx

Launched in 2018 by last-mile delivery company Deliv, Deliv Rx taps into its parent company’s already existing network to provide same-day delivery options for pharmacies. In addition to prescription deliveries to patients, the company also delivers medical devices, documents, medical equipment, and supplies to and from pharmacies, hospitals, labs, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities.

Key Offerings: Pharmacies can schedule deliveries via an online portal that is passed to the company through its API. Deliv Rx also promises secure and confidential deliveries, real-time GPS tracking, custom delivery speeds, and more.

Areas of Operation: Parent company Deliv operates in 35 major markets, including New York, Dallas, Charlotte, and Phoenix.

Learn more about Deliv Rx.

Phox Health

Phox Health has been in operation since 2016 and partners with community pharmacies, telemedicine practices, and hospital networks to help provide convenient experiences for patients. Via a web app, patients are matched to a pharmacy in Phox Health’s network based on location, time, and urgency of delivery. When providers send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy, Phox Health will coordinate pick up and delivery. The platform also makes it easy for patients, providers, and couriers to track the status of a prescription based on the pharmacy’s updates. 

Key Offerings: Phox Health offers two-hour prescriptions delivery and other same-day delivery options.

Areas of Operation: The company connects patients and pharmacies nationwide. 

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Roadie, the “on-the-way delivery service” launched in 2015, also offers same-day delivery services to pharmacies. The company promises a faster and more economical delivery option by relying on its network of 150,000 crowdsourced drivers “already headed in the right direction.” It does specify that its pharmacy delivery drivers undergo background checks and are HIPAA compliant. 

Key Offerings: Roadie offers same-day delivery up to 100 miles, doorstep drop-offs, and real-time delivery tracking.

Areas of Operation: Roadie’s network of crowdsourced drivers is nationwide.

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Based in NYC, Rx2Go has provided delivery services to pharmacies for over five years. Via a dashboard, pharmacists can enter patient information into the Rx2Go database and print order labels. Drivers pick up bulk shipments and take them to a secure facility for processing where any special handling instructions are noted. Patients are notified of deliveries via text or phone calls and have the option to reschedule deliveries.

Key Offerings: Rx2Go offers scheduled deliveries, same-day delivery, and real-time delivery tracking. 

Areas of Operation: Rx2Go is available to pharmacies in New York City.

Learn more about Rx2Go.


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