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EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform

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EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform

The EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform orchestrates advanced clinical intelligence, digital communications technologies and advanced data sciences to enable you to achieve consistently better patient health outcomes, and adherence and quality scores. Our industry-leading medication management and patient communications solutions give you the tools to provide better patient care and ensure healthier, happier patients, while substantially increasing script growth, streamlining processes and boosting profitability.

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Powerful benefits of the EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform

Clinical Decision Support – Ensures that pharmacies accurately target populations
with clinical interventions that measurably improve quality measures

✔ Optimize Data – Accesses multiple data sources so that pharmacies can prepare for
and document ongoing patient engagement on a single web-based platform

✔ Simplify Workflow – Patient-friendly interface enables quick and easy appointment
scheduling, clinical interventions and follow-up communications

✔ Personalized Patient Communications – Strengthens engagement by communicating with
each patient in their preferred channel, at the right time

The EnlivenHealth™ Patient Engagement Platform includes the following solutions:


Clinical Solutions

Intelligent Clinical Solutions from EnlivenHealth™ empower pharmacies to increase adherence, improve quality measures and drive patient retention and better health outcomes.

Omnichannel Communication Solutions

EnlivenHealth™ is revolutionizing how pharmacies communicate and interact with patients to keep them healthy and happy. Our Omnichannel Communications Solutions integrate all events, opportunities and patient interactions through the full range of communication channels and devices.