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Impact DIR - Pharmacy DIR Fees Software

Mitigate your DIR fees by identifying the patients and prescriptions affecting them most.

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Reduce DIR Fees, Increase Profitability, and Improve Patient Care

EnlivenHealth’s Impact DIR, a software to mitigate pharmacy DIR fees, can help you identify and reduce the impact of direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees, so you can focus on patient care, grow your pharmacy practice, and improve profitability.


billion in DIR fees paid to PBMs in 2019


increase in use of DIR fees in the last ten years


increase in DIR fees since 2013

EnlivenHealth® Impact DIR

Our proven Impact DIR solution identifies patients that impact your performance measures the most, helps you prioritize them, and provides recommendations to make improvements. This robust pharmacy DIR fees software works to keep your DIR fees low, while ensuring your bottom line stays healthy. This enables you to focus on patient care and deliver high-value services that can improve adherence and outcomes, while driving revenue growth.

Impact DIR from EnlivenHealth® can help you:

  • Leverage pharmacy data to accurately identify patients who are at risk for nonadherence and set prompts for opportunities to reengage the individual
  • Identify the patients that impact performance measures the most so you can prioritize your interventions
  • Identify potential therapy gaps and address them proactively before nonadherence creeps in and impacts performance
  • Continue to monitor patients’ adherence rates and DIR estimates so you can manage from a proactive vantage point
  • Free up time to focus on patient care and provide other high value services

DIR fees are a significant and growing challenge for the retail pharmacy industry, totaling over $9 billion since 2013

Key benefits include:

  • Enhance patient care by proactively monitoring medication adherence
  • Improve performance measures with ease
  • Reduce DIR fees and increase profitability
  • Drive script growth and increase pharmacy revenue
  • Prioritize your time to focus on patient care

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EnlivenHealth® Impact DIR, a robust pharmacy DIR fees software, will help you reduce DIR fees and increase profitability, while improving patient care

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